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Project Description
This is a C# playing card library, and an included sample game. The game is meant to be a networked virtual card table where folks can play just about any kind of card game they would like. For now, the game is not playable, but more of a test of the library. Hope you enjoy.

9/2/2008 - Client / Server enabled. (whew). Still more to go, but there is now a server app (CardGamesServer.exe) which the host should run. This will create the server. All clients should connect up to the host machine via the menu options. Chat is enabled, as is drawing cards, and moving cards from your hand to the table (and vice versa). The server code has low resource usage, so it should support many clients. This build is a major overhaul of the previous code. Still not the prettiest code, but it is getting better.


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